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Some of our favorite furniture items from around the Sonder Mill marketplace.

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Some of our favorite lighting & decor items from around the Sonder Mill marketplace.

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How It's Made: The Barossa Wine Rack by Peter Harrison

August 09, 2014

Craftsmanship can be easily taken for granted when we aren't educated on the skill, materials, and meticulous attention to detail that goes into a handcrafted piece. The Barossa Wine Rack by Peter Harrison is a perfect example. It's beauty and originality is undeniable to anyone that sees it, but once you watch the video below, showing you how exactly it's made, your admiration and respect for this piece, the maker, and craftsmanship in general, will instantly be heightened. Be enlightened. This is craftsmanship. This is independent design. This is our focus at SonderMill.com. Enjoy. Continue Reading →

Get this Look: Vintage Inspired and One of a Kind

July 29, 2014

Someone once said it’s the curiosities that make the house the home. Vintage inspired and one of a kind pieces are everything this year.  I’ve usually been a monochrome type of girl but this beautifully styled bedroom with different hues of blue, totally works for me. Blue brings an array of feelings, ranging from peace, calmness and stability to tranquility, integrity and sincerity. Texture is also important which is why aged or distressed pieces of furniture work so well when trying to achieve this look. Tears, knocks and flaking paint add character. Natural materials like stone, concrete and reclaimed wood layered with linens and hardwood flooring give a raw appeal. Hit the flea markets and antique stores for the small... Continue Reading →

Meet the Maker with Marco Pecota: Defining the Niche of Industrial Elgance

July 23, 2014

A successful business man in several fields, Marco has now turned his passion for design into a vibrant and unique line of furniture. Marco spent his early years tending to the family business in the meat industry. He later moved on to publishing, where he successfully steered Rue Morgue magazine into the largest horror genre publication in the world. Spurred on by his love of art, Marco has gone on to produce numerous award-winning short films as well as his the feature film "The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh." Not satisfied with all of this success, he began industrial design, and started working on his furniture line under the branding Pekota Design. His line, best described as "industrial... Continue Reading →

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